An Exceptional Collection of Dragon Statues From Heka Statue   

Sculptures derived from myths and fantasies are one of the driving forces behind Heka Statue. The Dragon Statues collection is labelled under the fantasy collection and consists of several pieces, all unique and in a league of their own. Dragons are depicted in paintings, statues, art pieces, poetry, and costumes in China and all over the world. Dragons are powerful mythical creatures, and they are often seen as a symbol of supernatural power or evil. However, the dragon can also symbolize hidden wisdom and knowledge. This makes the creature appear mysterious and strong. The Dragon Statues collection by Heka Statue consists of the widest range of dragon sculptures you are likely to see anywhere. They also vary drastically in size, material, and design.

The first eight pieces in the collection contain a mixture of resin and crystal sculptures. Dragons are seen as exotic creatures that are primarily from China, but this is not true. The creature originated from both China and Europe through the strong mythical culture developed over that time. Dragons in China are viewed as gentle, thoughtful, and pleasant animals. They are often associated with the king or the royal family. This point of view is quite different from how dragons are seen in other parts of the world. The anatomy of the dragon is also essential to construct properly. Heka Statue flawlessly achieves this with the best sculptors and designers on board. The final results are a marvellous celebration of the great mythical animal that dominates Chinese myths.


Uplift Your Garden Decor With Our Dragon Statues

Dragon statues have a mystical and exquisite quality that makes them best suited for the outdoors. The animals also demonstrate the duality of life or the 'yin-yang' concept that the Chinese believe control everything in the universe. Dragons are an imperative symbol of 'yin-yang' and the balance between good and evil. To display the dragon statues outside your house in the garden or driveway implies that you respect this balance and symbolism, and it is believed to bring good luck. The Dragon Garden Statues offered in this collection perfectly display the powerful and imperial nature of dragons. The statue can be perched on a pedestal or placed by itself on the ground. Either way, the dragons look magnificent and dream-like, primarily because of the intricate design. The statue shows a classic dragon with its wings outstretched while it sits in a relaxed pose.

According to Ancient Chinese myths, dragons are typically amalgamations of other animals such as deers, snakes, eagles, and tigers. This is where they get such distinct body parts like the horns, clawed feet, scales on their bodies, and large wings. Our Outdoor Dragon Statues come in pairs of two identical pieces, and they are crafted from rich bronze and copper. In East Asia, dragon statues are known to bring good luck when kept outside the house. Dragons are drawn to intellect and dignity, and they serve the same favour when their sculptures are kept in the driveway or garden.

The Rich Culture Behind Chinese Dragon Statues

Also called the 'Lung' or 'Long', dragons symbolize plenty of qualities in the Chinese culture. The Chinese believe that dragons hold the power to move waters and bring on rain and floods. The dragon is an iconic symbol of power and strength in China, and the largest sculptures and paintings are dedicated to the mythical animal to show respect. Dragons are a part of the most integral Chinese culture, and they play a significant role in legends, stories, and the Chinese New Year.

Quite a few believe that the dragon evolved from crocodiles and other water-living reptilians because of the dragon's apparent ability to sense weather changes. Some Chinese legends go as far as calling dragons the lords of moving water. This includes all water bodies such as waterfalls, rain, and oceans. Heka Statue offers an authentic and remarkable Chinese Dragon Statue that contains all the rich culture inspired by China. As dragons are loved and worshipped in China to the greatest degree, any sculpture dedicated to them must be free of any faults. Feng-shui is a traditional practice in China that involves making harmony with forces of nature and energy. Dragons are used as an integral symbol of Feng-shui, and the animal represents prosperity, happiness, and good luck. They are also considered royal animals because of their close relationship with Chinese Emperors. In the Chinese calendar, Dragons come in fifth place. The people born under the Dragon month often possess unique characteristics such as honour, luck, and success.

Skill And Craftsmanship To Cherish

Crafting dragon sculptures requires hard work, especially when the designs are complex and challenging to replicate. However, all statues offered in the Dragon Collection by Heka Statue look effortless and perfect. This results from excellent craftsmanship and years of expertise that went into all pieces from the Dragon Statue collection. Bronze and copper are complex materials to work with, especially when the structure of a dragon is no easy task to form. Some of the prominent pieces from the collection are described below. They are bound to be a great addition to your home decor as soon as you purchase them.

Our Jade Dragon Statue

The green colour is quite popular among Ancient Chinese legends as it signifies luck, growth, and riches. The Jade Dragon Statue is another masterpiece from the dragon statue collection by Heka Statue. It shows a miniature version of a dragon crafted from the finest quality resin. The statue is quite attractive because of its translucent appearance, and it matches all contemporary and traditional interiors. Although dragons are often associated with darker colours, the Jade Dragon Statue breaks this norm by adopting a light and refreshing mint colour. A dragon's scales are its most distinguishing feature, and they are pretty visible on the Jade Dragon Statue despite the smooth surface.

Ancient China Reflected in Our Bronze Dragon Statue

The Bronze Dragon Statue is an extraordinary limited edition piece that captures Ancient China's essence and mythical creatures. The sculpture features two dragons engaging in fierce combat. The dragons symbolize extreme power and force, which is heightened by the detail done on the bronze sculpture. In Feng-shui, it is believed that dragon sculptures that are crafted from bronze tend to invite metal and earth elements that can provide happiness and good health. In the Bronze Dragon Statue, the creatures are seen fighting over what seems to be a bright green gemstone. It also draws attention to their vicious expressions that make the viewer aware of their hidden strength and intensity.

Make Our Concrete Garden Decor Statue Your Best Decor

The Dragon Statue collection has several pieces dedicated to decorating the outdoors and your garden. The concrete garden dragon statue has light tones that go along gloriously with outdoor greenery. Due to its bright colour scheme, the statue can be presented as a cherished gift to your loved ones. It is also bound to be loved by younger people due to its mild and fun appearance. The concrete statues include gargoyles that can be placed outside the entrance to your house. These come in several sizes, and they are polished and dusted carefully with technique.

Make A Bold Impression With Our Golden Dragon Statue

The Golden Dragon Statue is an impressive sculpture of a Chinese imperial dragon at its prime. The creature holds a reddish gemstone on its tongue. This jewel is known to be a direct contrast to sunlight and brings joy and radiance to your whole family when kept inside the house. Also, the reddish colour tends to attract the fire element in Feng-shui culture. The fire element is responsible for bringing inspiration and success to the house, which benefits all the insiders. The sculpture does not shine extravagantly, but it does have a smooth glow all over it that highlights the scales and wings of the dragons. The scales and horns of the lions are polished with more metallic gold, while the torso is kept a faded peach. The contrast between the two makes the Golden Dragon Statue appropriate for wooden interiors.

Where To Place A Dragon Statue Feng-Shui?

For those who practice Feng-shui, the right way to place a dragon sculpture in your house is essential to do right. Dragons are incorporated in Feng-shui culture in various forms, both large and small. Usually, a dragon sculpture is placed in a specific place in the house that attracts the specific energy you require. In addition to this, a dragon statue designed for Feng-shui often consists of a jewel or pearl. The stone is also called a 'wish-fulfilling jewel', and it is known to grant happiness and prosperity. To use dragon sculptures as protection against evil forces, you may use statues such as the Dragon Statue Feng Shui from Heka Statue.

Use a pair of dragon statues on either side of the entrance to your door. This works with paintings of dragons or even vases with dragons printed on them. Placing any dragon sculpture against your doors can protect you from negative energy and provide good luck and happiness. Balancing the yin and yang energies is of utter importance in Feng-shui, and it is made easy by wearing dragon amulets. If you do not want expensive and heavy dragon sculptures in your house, you can wear dragon images on your body. It is advisable not to place dragon sculptures in the bathroom as it can drain all the positive energy that the dragons are bringing into your house. After these guidelines, make sure the dragon sculpture you choose for your home matches the rest of your interior and does not take up too much space.

What Does The Japanese Dragon Statue Mean?

Much like Chinese Mythical Dragons, dragons in Japan also symbolize courage, strength, and the ability to protect. Japanese mythology often emphasizes the colour of Dragons.

For example, black dragons are associated with wisdom, age, and experience. Green dragons represent natural elements and good luck, which is also meant to be happy. The Japanese Dragon Statue from Heka Statue contains several colours, but the most prominent one is red. The red in the sculpture represents good fortune and success. It is also the most popular colour that is used to represent dragons in festivals and paintings. Red dragons are quite often used in weddings or other celebration events to encourage further happiness. The Japanese draw their dragons as slightly thinner than those of the Chinese. If a dragon is colourful, like that of the Japanese Dragon Statue, it represents the balance of good and evil. It also signifies freedom, joy, and harmful elements, such as supernatural forces and fear. The statue is made of pure bronze and copper and is polished to leave the dragon sparkling and beautiful. The

Japanese have six major dragon types that are used to dedicate sculptures and paintings. Blue and Yellow dragons are different from the other coloured dragons, and the blue dragon demonstrates forgiveness, compassion, and laziness. People in Japan are pretty used to keeping dragon sculptures inside their houses for the spiritual benefits and a balance between their negative and good energies.

What Does The Chinese Dragon Statue Mean?

Dragons are legendary creatures that have a strong foothold in Chinese mythology and culture, even to this day. Heka Statue offers an exclusive piece titled Chinese Dragon Statue that holds all the intensity and magic of these myths and legends. The Chinese Dragon Sculpture is made from high-quality bronze and copper, and the dragon is entirely dark brown with no hints of another colour.

The dragon sculpture has been polished and painted with great care to ensure that the details on the dragon's body and wings are visible. This colour scheme is quite meaningful as it signifies harvesting crops and means fertility and good fortune.

Brown dragons are also known to represent the Autumn season. Dragons are treated with much respect in Chinese culture, and Ancient Emperors in China were referred to as 'the sons of dragons'. Dragons are also an important part of Feng-shui culture, and there are specific rules on how you can place dragon sculptures around your house to attract or repel specific energies.

If you have Jade dragon statues, you may find it useful to place them eastward and towards the east sector of your house. Using the Chinese Dragon Statue in this manner will surely bring you success and relief from hardships. Dragons in China also represent the hard-working nature and strong will of Chinese people. The Chinese are also known to be unrelenting and not give in to challenges, which is visible in dragons' fierce and strong nature.