The Uniqueness of Elephants Statue Captured by Heka Statue 

Placed under the 'Animals' category, the Elephant Statues Collection comprises a lot of elegant and decorative pieces. This collection by Heka Statue is set apart from the rest due to its wide variety and cultural designs that take inspiration from exotic traditions from all around the world. Only the best elements are incorporated into the sculptures from the Elephant Statues Collection, and the resulting pieces are dazzling decorations that will leave your guests amazed.

The first four pieces in the collection lean towards modern decor due to their subtle but careful design. The Elephant Floor Statue is a multi-purpose sculpture that has been crafted with convenience and visual pleasure in mind. The statue can be used as a decorative piece as well as a bedside table. The structure of the elephant may not be fully prominent, but it is quite clear upon closer inspection. The piece is unique and stands out from all other decors you may have because of its straight lines and contemporary craftsmanship. The colors have a diverse range of materials and color schemes that include copper, resin, ceramic, and bronze pieces. They are in brilliant colors of gold, white, brown, black tones.

Some of the cultural pieces in the Elephant Statues Collection are polished in bold tones of blue, pink, and orange. These pieces are surely eye-catching and will make for a great addition to your sculpture collection. For a more festive and luxurious look, you can browse through the Gold Elephant Decor statues. There are also Geometric, Wooden, and Stone pieces that you can match according to the rest of your furniture.

Decorate Your Interior with Our Charming Elephant Statues

Decorating your interior is essential to provide a welcoming atmosphere to your house and express your best interests through the best decor pieces. This can seem like a daunting task if you do not know where to shop from. However, this does not have to be difficult, and choosing decor from the Elephant Statues Collection by Heka Statue will undoubtedly be both enjoyable and fruitful. Suppose your interior is traditional and does not have any contemporary furniture. In that case, you can choose sculptures such as the Vintage Ceramic Elephant that comes in a bold red color bound to uplift your rooms.

Elephants are quite important animals in Eastern cultures, and they play a large role as symbols for strength and powerful memory. The Elephant is also considered a God in several Asian religions and worshipped with great devotion. Elephants have a rich history, even without associating with cultures and religions. The mighty animals were used in wars as massive means of transport and also as shields. Elephants are wiser than most animals, and they were relied upon to retrace paths for lost people.

For houses with wooden architecture and interiors, contrast can be created by selecting stone elephant statues for home decor. Heka Statue offers Stone elephant sculptures that are also available in a handmade option. These statues are elegant and offer an earthly atmosphere to your decor. They are also easy to blend in with dark-colored walls and rugs, as the sculptures themselves are light in their color schemes.

Beautify Your Backyard with Our Elephant Garden Statues

Gardens and backyards are essential parts of the house to promote fresh air and peace. Therefore, decorating your gardens with the right sculptures is also important. The Elephant Statues Collection offers you delightful pieces of outdoor elephant statues that you can place in your backyard. The Outdoor Elephant Statue is a masterpiece crafted from bronze and copper that shows a large elephant walking along a wooden trunk. The piece evokes a sense of true tranquility and inner peace. It can be placed on either side of your doorway or in the middle of your garden on top of the grass.

Although elephants are not considered the most graceful animals, they still have a certain majesty in their appearance. Despite being wise and careful, they can also be playful at times and harmonize with the nature around them.

This quality makes elephant garden statues the perfect decor for any outdoor place. They are designed perfectly for green shrubs, plants, and any types of rocks you may have. The Elephant Garden Statue is another legendary piece that depicts the strong and worldly nature of elephants. The sculpture has a dull surface, and it is polished grey, which gives it a lovely texture due to the Sandstone craftsmanship. As elephants are positive in their symbolism, keeping sculptures of them around your garden means you invite the attributes associated with elephants into your elephants. This is nothing to worry about, as most of these focus on compassion, humility, loyalty, and wisdom.

Practice Authentic Feng-Shui with These Elephant Sculptures

Feng-Shui is an Ancient Chinese practice that involves using energy forces to create balance in life. Feng Shui also uses several animal symbols, including dragons, lions, horses, elephants, and more. Animals are quite popular among Ancient cultures due to being the largest living mammals, and the definite portray of strength. In Feng-Shui, elephants symbolize protection, good luck, wisdom, along power. Elephants tend to have tender personalities that are easily influenced by emotions. They seem to grow attached to those who tend to them, and they are also highly social animals.  This is proven by seeing the soft side of elephants, which seems quite apparent despite them being large and fierce animals.

Intuition and inner awareness are a major part of practicing Feng-Shui in the right way. This is why it is important to be in touch with your own emotions before bringing the elephant symbol into your life. An elephant statue for good luck is the best way to incorporate the symbol in your daily Feng-Shui practices. Similar to the use of Chinese Fu Dog lions, a sculpture of elephants selected from the Elephant Statue Collection can be placed at the doorway to your house. An elephant on either side of the entrance is known to offer maximum protection to your household from evil and negative energy. Other than this, miniature versions of elephant sculptures or elephants depicted in paintings can also be placed around the house. Doing this in regards to Feng-Shui invites good fortune and good luck into the house, along with locating positive energy for you.

The Rich Culture Derived From The Elephant Statue of Ganesha

In Hinduism, Ganesha is a god with an elephant-shaped head. Ganesha is known as the 'Lord of the people.' The god is incredibly resourceful and able to overcome all obstacles to achieve his wants. This shows the determinant and clever nature prominent among Hinduism, and it is something you want to invite inside your life in the form of energy. Throughout all of India, Ganesha is worshipped before starting any important task as an important ritual. This is done to ensure clear paths to the right path and destroy any potential obstacles during the journey.

The Elephant Ganesha statues from Heka Statue come in several styles. As the god is depicted in more ways, the Elephant Statue Collection makes sure to capture all important elements of the Hindu God. The Lord Ganesh Figurine is a classic miniature statue of the elephant god. It involves the traditional gold color that is special to Indian culture and the Hindu religion. The Gold Lord Ganesha Figurine is a grander sculpture best placed in the middle of the room or on the top of a high shelf. Elephants are considered quite honorable in Hinduism, and Ganesha is one of the major deities often called upon to make tasks easier. For good fortune regarding career or jobs, place the Ganesha statue on your desk or near your workplace. It is bound to bring good fortune to you and your family. The elephant god is also a powerful symbol of abundance, so you can count on it to bring you prosperity and happiness.

Are Elephant Statues Good for Your Home?

Elephants are considered royal animals in Eastern cultures due to their large size and resemblance to a mammoth. They were used to transport Emperors in ancient times, and elephants are a strong part of the imperial culture in many countries. Today, they are used as home decor mainly in India, China, and places where Hinduism and Buddhism are practiced. There are paintings and other wall decors that can easily invite the energy associated with elephants into their houses for those who cannot afford large elephant statues. If you seek a developed personality and stronger leadership skills, you should place an elephant sculpture or painting close to your bedroom. As elephants signify strength, this will send power, skill, and strength your way.
For those who struggle with their performance under pressure in their work or study life, elephants can be of a great life. The position of the elephant’s trunk is also important when you decide to bring an elephant sculpture to your house. If the trunk of the elephant is placed downwards, the statue most likely signifies determination and sensuality. It is often believed that when an elephant’s trunk is turned down, it means bad luck. However, this is not true, and it represents the elephant’s prominent ability to tackle challenges and overcome obstacles. An elephant statue with an upward-facing trunk signifies great fortune and success for you and your family.

Which Elephant Statues Should You Display at Your Home?

Elephant statues are highly symbolic in Asian cultures. They mostly signify destroying evil and bringing good luck to the family. Elephants are strong animals with a tender side that bring positive energy forces inside your house. Elephant statues are used as home decor worldwide as they are prominent symbols in Hindu, Chinese and European cultures. The White Elephant Statue set of 4 is a delightful figurine collection made from enamel and ceramic. The set is offered in the Elephant Statue Collection by Heka Statue, and the set can be placed around your house to invite fortune and prosperity.

The Gold Elephant Statue also comes in a set of three, and the statues are quite powerful in their glossy appearance. The set symbolizes the strong relationships that elephants form with their family members, especially young elephants with their mothers. Elephants are quite emotional, and they are good at developing social contact, even with humans. The wooden elephant statue is handmade and carved to perfection. The statue is polished in a dazzling mahogany color that draws attention and brings out the affectionate nature of elephants. The brass elephant statue is designed in an old-fashioned way that attracts the eye. It is polished in brilliant gold color, and the elephant is adorned in a garment that signifies its ability to protect and guard. The elephant's trunk is lifted upwards to attract luck and good fortune for the holder.

Where Should You Place Elephant Statues?

It is considered incredibly lucky to place elephant symbols and imagery inside your house, especially around the entrance. This is because the elephant animal is a savior and protector across several cultures, and it surely keeps evil forces away from your house. Elephants are fierce guards, and placing sculptures of them facing outwards is a powerful strategy against negative energy. If you want to strengthen ties with your family members and improve your relationships, it is helpful to keep elephant imagery around your living room and bedroom. These do not have to be large elephant sculptures. You can simply keep miniature versions of elephant statues on your bedside tables or the dining table. This will surely invite peace and harmony into your life, and you can invest that into your relationships with your family members.

It is advisable to choose statue sets of elephants that contain a mother and child. You can place these sculptures in your study room or office to ensure abundance and prosperity in your career. Feng-Shui declares that you do not have to use statues; you can go for paintings or small toys if they are easier. Suppose you want to attract good fortune specifically in your academics or relationships. In that case, it is important to place elephant statues inside the entrance to your house, right next to the door. Similarly, keeping statues of elephants near or inside your workplaces ensures growth and prosperity in your career for the future.

What Do Elephant Statues Symbolize?

In traditional Asian cultures such as Hinduism, Ganesha, the Elephant God symbolizes strength, getting rid of evil and obstacles, and bringing good luck. However, for poorer people, the Elephant symbol can mean something more powerful. In the East, many poor people rely on the Elephant god to bring resources and abundance. Students and the working class depend on the Elephant symbol for prosperity and luck in their tasks and the future. During meditation, elephants can act as powerful bringers of peace and serenity. It is recommended to consider the elephant as a friend or ally to help you seek inner peace and find clarity in your emotions.

Focusing on the energy brought by elephants can help you the obstacles you face in your daily life. It will also help you to remember the important attributes you should incorporate in yourself. As the elephant signifies patience, kindness, and humility over time, you will learn to indulge in the same characteristics. The elephant also has power over memory, so you can use it to heal from painful memories and unearth hidden ones, thus creating balance in your life. Elephants tend to form close bonds with those who stay with them during their upbringing. This is why loyalty and compassion are one of the major elements associated with the elephant. You can explore a wide range of emotions involving the elephant in your daily life. These include joy, pain, sorrow, and love. Elephants help to get in touch with your inner feelings.