Fine Assembling of the Best Lion Statues from Heka Statue

The Lion Statues Collection from Heka Statue is one of the most exceptional offered by the website. The collection includes different pieces and materials, all of them unique and catering to different cultures. It is difficult to find such a diverse assembling of lion statues anywhere else and unmatched quality. Although some people believe that lion statues are only to be a part of exotic traditions and places, it is clear that these sculptures are found all over the world today. There is a certain majesty and insight from the Lion that is not apparent in any other animal.

For this reason, statues of lions have become increasingly common. In Vietnam, lion statues are used as a strong symbol of empowerment. They are proudly placed outside homes, offices, and government buildings. The Lion Statues Collection meets all the possible elements that cultures associate with lions. The first five pieces in the collection are quite minimalist and simple. The design is straight and geometric, but the colors are turned up. This creates a modern appearance and makes the statues fit for home and office decor. Although these pieces are not 10 feet tall and grand, they still evoke the same honor and respect as more giant lion statues. The art deco pieces from the Collection are made from the finest quality resin and come in bold colors of silver, gold, and striking red. On the other hand, the geometric pieces are kept dull with dark undertones of brown and grey that give the lion statues an earthly color.

The Match Between Our Outdoor Lion Statues and Your Garden

Lions are believed to bring spiritual benefits when placed inside the houses, but they are no less significant when placed outdoors. Your gardens do not need to be spared from our Collection. When lion garden statues are kept outside the entrances of houses, they are believed to protect the insiders from evil eyes and spirits. In the Quebec province of Canada, Lion statues are erected outside houses when the owners have paid the mortgage as a symbol of celebration. The same is true for Italy, where lion statues also symbolize prestige for the residing family or workers. In the  Collection, several pieces are dedicated to the outdoors and used as guardians. The Outdoor Lion Statue is crafted from resin, but the exterior is polished a dull off-white. This gives the sculpture the appearance of stone and marble. However, it is lightweight and durable. The design of the lion garden statues is kept slightly different than the rest of the pieces. The lions are designed to look fiercer and wilder. Their paws are held in view while their eyes remain wide open and alert. The reason behind this design is obvious when one considers their duty as guardians. In Vastu and Feng Shui culture, lion sculptures are strongly believed to bring good to the financial situation of a family. The family should also be expecting happiness and prosperity in the future.

The Best Lion Statues for Your Home Decor

As Heka Statue is committed to delivering the best sculptures for home decor, the Lion sculptures Collection consists of remarkable pieces that should be a definite part of your furniture. After the art deco and geometric pieces, the rest are manufactured for home decor specifically. These pieces consist of more traditional designs, and strong inspiration is taken from Asian cultures. The indoor lion statues in this collection are quite different from the resin-manufactured ones as they are heavier and have more somber designs. The pieces come in two variants and show the lion in the midst of a graceful walk. The variants are different color schemes, such as white with silver and gold with dark turquoise. A few of the sculptures showcase just the bust of the lion, with their manes windblown and wild. The Lion Head Statue shows the head of the lion in pure white, giving the appearance of marble. The sculpture also features a gold crown placed delicately on the lion's head, which increases its grandeur. The Thai and Japanese Lion statues come in pairs, with identical-looking pieces. In all the Lion Statues Collection sculptures, the proportions and body parts of the lions are kept balanced. It is made sure that the limbs, mane, and facial features of the lion are emphasized in a way that is not overwhelming. The 'Antique' and 'Vintage' lion sculptures are best suited for more traditional home designs, while the ceramic, art deco and geometric pieces are suited for a contemporary interior.

Craftsmanship and Detail To Admire

A Modern Touch on Stone Lion Statues

Lions have a strong influence over cultures and traditions, and they are used as mass symbols of strength and bravery in countless pieces of art and literature. Crafting sculptures out of stone takes hard work and a large amount of expertise. Lion statues crafted from stone are usually placed as guardian statues outside houses. They are difficult to color or polish, and they have a rough exterior. This texture is bound to give the statues a grim appearance, which favors larger buildings and not bedrooms or living rooms. In addition to this, stone lion statues are also usually larger and created life-sized. Despite being ancient mediums for statues, stone lion statues are still considered modern artifacts. They are quite popular in metropolitan cities such as Paris or New York.

Redecorate Your House with Bronze Lion Statue

The Bronze Lion Statues are crafted from copper and bronze over a marble base. This gives the statues a sturdy base, and they are less likely to rust over time. About 18 pieces of the Lion Statues Collection are made from a mixture of bronze and copper. The Winged Lion Statue is an extraordinary sculpture that shows a lion standing gracefully with wings on either side. Although the exterior of this statue is not polished, it still has the smoothness of bronze. The Bronze Garden Statue also stands out due to its glossy and shiny surface. This is quite similar to the Life-Sized statue made of bronze and has a majestic appearance. The Large Bronze Lion Statue shows the bust of a lion in an imperial pose, with its mane wild and untamed.

Marble Lion Statue for Your Living Room Decor

Marble is relatively easy to polish, but it is still challenging to craft life-sized and three-dimensional figures. However, the pure white matte exterior is quite attractive. Marble Lion Statue is unmatched in its aesthetic quality. It isn't easy to showcase the shadows and contrast on marble sculptures. This helps to tone down the feral and wild elements of lions. More emphasis is given to the eyes and the torso and limbs, making the lion look elongated and elegant. Life-sized lion statues in marble are used to showcase the muscles in the lion's body, which subtly shows off the animal's strength. When refined properly, the marble sculpture can also show the tendons and paws of the lion that give it an intimidating display.

Add This Brass Lion Statue to Your Sculpture Collection

Only the best sculptors and designers are brought into the team for Heka Statue. This is apparent from the brass pieces in the Lion Statues Collection. The statues are made with a lost-wax casting process and are slightly heavier than their bronze, resin, or ceramic counterparts. However, the detail on the brass pieces is something to praise. A few pieces feature humans along with lions, where both look equally handsome. The Brass Lion Statue, in particular, shows a tribal man alongside a lion, where he drapes an arm over the lion's back. The two are placed on top of a pedestal, and the statue is polished to highlight the limbs of both the man and the lion. When looked closely, the man and the lion also seem to wear the same somber expressions that add to the intense appearance of the statue.

What Do Lion Statues Symbolize?

Lions are quite diverse symbols, and their meaning and interpretation vary among a large number of cultures. In the Middle East, they are related to gold and the sun. The element that lions share in all cultures is that of leadership and strength. In Buddhism, lions are considered sacred creatures, so their statues also represent good energy and happiness. In modern times, lion statues are more decorative artifacts than holy sculptures. A lion shows the fearless nature of lions and how they are powerful and mighty beings. In Japanese culture, lion statues are placed outside places of worship, such as shrines and temples. This is to ensure the protection of sacred sites. As the lion symbolizes power and strength, protecting abilities are also associated with the animal. Powerful animals such as the lion also help you become more aware of your inner strength and energy.

Do Lion Statues Bring Good Luck?

Keeping lion statues on your front porch on the driveway is an ancient Chinese tradition. The Chinese Lion sculpture is usually crafted from stone, and the design is kept classic, and the lions are shown as life-sized beasts. Lion statues are a large part of Chinese architecture, and the guardian lions are also known as foo dogs. They are believed to bring good fortune to the lives of the people living inside the building. They also attract peace and prosperity, and there is a strong spiritual message associated with Chinese lion statues. It is to maintain your inner strength and balance and believe in the best for yourself.

The Meaning of a Lion Statue in Front of a House

The tradition of keeping lion statues in front of your house originated from Ancient China. However, in modern times, this practice is still carried on by placing large, life-sized lion statues on either side of the gate. Lion statues can be purchased in pairs, where they are sold as guardian lion statues, and they are specifically made to be placed in front of the entrance to the house. To keep a lion statue in front of the house means that the house is being guarded against evil forces, and the insiders are being protected to the maximum. Guardian lions are brought in pairs to demonstrate duality and contrast, such as yin and yang. One lion represents peace while the other shows hardships, and so on. Guardian lions are usually manufactured from marble or stone, with careful emphasis on details. The statues are not polished to maintain the rough exterior. 

Where to Find Lion Statues?

Lion statues are a major tourist attraction due to their unmistakable grandeur and craftsmanship. As it is not easy to refine and polish a lion sculpture, the final work is celebrated by many. One of the most prominent lion statues stands in the capital of Germany, Berlin. The statue features Hercules and the lion, called "Hercules and the Nemean Lion." Hercules was a prominent warrior in Greek mythology and was recognized for his strength and tough demeanor. This quality is amplified when he is placed next to the ferocious Nemean Lion. The statue demonstrates Hercules violently attacking the lion and strangling it to death as no weapon was powerful enough to kill it. The statue is placed outside the Neues Museum on the Museum Island in Berlin. The power in both figures is apparent and overwhelming in the sculpture because it is crafted from bronze and copper. The muscles and limbs of Hercules and the lion are emphasized for dramatic effect. Other than this artifact, the Vittorio Emanuele II sculpture is also quite popular among lion statues. This sculpture is situated in the city of Venice, in Italy. The statue shows King Vittorio Emanuele II on the back of a horse with two lions on either side. One lion is seen in a defeated position with chains on its body, while the other is roaring in victory.  The statue is quite significant to the history of Austria, and it is made from bronze and marble.