Introduction to our exquisite collection of St. Michael Statues

The prince of the angelic armies of heaven, St. Michael, is one of the seven archangels. The love and devotion with the powerful warrior can be shown through the exquisite collection of St. Michael the Archangel Patron Saint Sculptures at Heka Statues.  The Testament is the proof of the greatness of St. Michael. According to the Testament, the Archangel leads God's army against Satan's forces. The war in the heavens resulted in Satan being defeated. This led to the sculpture being born where St. Michael is seen crushing Satan's head with his foot. The strength of St. Michael is depicted through the elegant statues placed under the St. Michael Statue Collection at Heka Statues.

Show your love and affection through the simple gesture of placing a statue of the Archangel in your home. Every statue is handcrafted to perfection. A mixture of high-quality resin, wax, zinc, and many more give the sculpture a finer look. Keeping in mind the sanctity of the Archangel and the modern décor, Heka Statues values its customer's needs.

The different colors under the collection of St. Michael allow you to choose the best-fit statue for your house. Which not only complements your furniture but also protects you from Satan. The elegant finish to the statue gets the attention of your guests. Get the most attractive piece that perfectly fits your room design. This will not only fit but also becomes the area's highlight! Let everyone be amazed at the beauty you bought from Heka Statues.

Protect your place with our Saint Michael the archangel statue

St. Michael has been mentioned four times in the scriptures, and each time he has been portrayed as the protector of God's kingdom in heaven. Sometimes in our lives, in some cases, we need the help of our profound instructors. One of the most grounded and most defensive aides was St. Michael. The Archangel is not only a holy person. He's a lead celestial host. Chief heavenly messenger Michael is viewed as the head, everything being equal, and the leader of God's military. St. Michael is a hero for protection, courage, truth, and integrity. The Archangel is depicted as the healer for the sick and the guardian of the Catholic Church. 

The defeat of Satan in the heavens proved the supremacy of St. Michael. Get yourself a sculpture of your own and protect your place from the bad deeds of Satan. Heka Statue has maintained the sanctity of the Archangel through the simple way of making his statues perfect. Those who are on their deathbed will find great comfort with St. Michael Statue beside them. Make your place safe by getting one of these statues for yourself. It will not only protect the place but will also provide a fresher and nicer look. The company of Michael and other angels provides a sense of peace. Protect your place from all evil with St. Michael Statue.

Enlighten your backyard with our St. Michael Garden Statue

Summer heat makes people seek refuge in their backyards or terraces. The backyard of your house is an ideal place for morning coffee. Start your day with the chirping of birds and some spiritual views in your garden with the help of St. Michael Statues. Besides, decorating your garden with new and exquisite stuff can be an inspiring hobby. Depending on the weather condition, your backyard is a place where you spend a lot of time relaxing or playing with your little kids. St. Michael statue not only provides your garden with an exciting look but also protects you from evil.

Turn your yard into a garden full of greenery, flowers, and Statues. Give your garden a new look with St. Michael Garden Statues. Choose from the different range of colors at Heka Statue to match the color scheme of your garden. Glistening flowers and St. Michael Statue provide your house a calming and relaxed look. Enjoy your morning coffee with some spirituality and beauty. Since these garden statues are a part of your outdoor décor, the statue's material plays an important role. Heka Statue keeps in mind the ease of their customers and provides them with high-quality handcrafted statues which can withstand all types of extreme weather conditions. A long-lasting, stylish range of statues is available under the collection of St. Michael Statues for you to choose from. Not only this, but Heka Statue provides budget-friendly, top-quality statues for your backyard.

Who was Saint Michael the Archangel?

God's spiritual warrior, Saint Michael the Archangel, led the battle against evil. Saint Michael is considered a healer of the sick, a champion of justice, and the protector of the Church. The statues created for Saint Michael usually hold a sword, scales, or a banner. Often, he is seen crushing Satan's head under his feet. The great warrior is the leader of God's army who helps in the fights against heathens. A feast is held for St. Michael the Archangel on September 29th, which is said to be originated from Phrygia. However, in different places, the feast is held on different dates, but the significance of the Archangel remains the same.

There are a total of seven angels who have the privilege to stand before the Throne of God. According to the Old Testament, Saint Michael is viewed as the commander of God's army who defeated Satan in the war in the heavens. Furthermore, Saint Michael is the angel who accompanies the dying and stays with the dead until they reach their judgment. Here he has the role of playing as a judge against the dead. Guardian of the Church is often seen with scales in his hand as he has the task to weigh the souls on judgment day according to the deeds of human beings. These tasks are appointed to Saint Michael the Archangel directly from God, proving his significance.

How did Saint Michael become an archangel?

Military Roles

Angel Saint Michael is perhaps one of the most known angels among God's most obedient ones. He is an Archangel which means chief angel. He is honored in the religion Christianity and respected and recognized in the religions of Jews and Muslims. When God created everything, he also made angels to worship him and fulfill his commands. One of the angels, Lucifer' also known as Satan nowadays. This angel was back then Chief among the angels who rebelled against the throne of God. Michael, still being obedient, led God's forces to defeat Lucifer and throw him out of the heavens. God rewarded Michael's loyalty and assigned him as the Chief of Angels. The Church named Michael Archangel for the leadership skills he portrayed.

Other Qualities

Other than these jobs of a tactical sort, another job was allocated to St. Michael, that of a healer. This custom began in Phrygia, where many recuperating underground aquifers were committed to him. Before long, Constantinople loved him as a divine specialist. As time went on, he was summoned to an assortment of different jobs. In Egypt, he turned into the benefactor of the Nile. His feast is celebrated on the day that the stream rises. Germany and France likewise have uncommon worship for him, including tough normal scenes, like mountains, the most renowned of all being Mont. St. Michael in Brittany. He is the watchman of Portugal, where his feast is praised on the third Sunday of June by extraordinary consent of the Pope. Among his different titles is Angel of the Sun, Angel of Chivalry, Prince, Angel of Judgment.

What does Saint Michael symbolize?

Saint Michael's symbol shows the victory of good over evil. This has been represented in many ways through art over the centuries. The most common symbol is where Saint Michael is seen crushing Satan under his sword, which means that even the evil is helpless against the mighty Archangel. In some of the sculptures, a Latin phrase Quisut Deus?is written on the shield of Saint Michael. This phrase means 'Who is like God?'. Saint Michael asks this phrase scornfully while crushing Satan (represented as a dragon or a man-like figure with wings).

Moreover, the Archangel is seen accompanying human beings while they are nearing death. The depiction of this is that Saint Michael has the job to escort the faithful people safely to the heavens. Holy person Michael is the Anglican, Lutheran, and Catholic portrayal of the chief heavenly messenger Michael. Michael is a figure in the entirety of the Abrahamic religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.  He is a picture of Satan's loss, driving him to turn into an illustration of fortitude, equity, and grit. Holy person, Michael is a solid, equitable image of a hero and champion in the battle of good against evil.

What does Saint Michael protect you from?

Michael has been mentioned in the scriptures a couple of times. The scriptures explain to us what and when Michael is helpful to us. Saint Michael is the angel to summon if you struggle with courage, truth, integrity, protection, and strength. The Archangel is the easiest angel to summon and will come to you if he thinks you will receive the guidance easily and carry his spiritual work on earth. God created Saint Michael for worship. Later, Lucifer rebelled, and Michael came victorious; he was awarded Chief of angel's post. This tells us about the quality of the Archangel that he protects us from all the evil.

Secondly, after the heroics of Michael against Lucifer (Satan), he was given the title of protector of the Church. Saint Michael is the protector of the faithful people against the heathens. Most importantly, the Archangel is said to accompany the faithful people to the arms of their father (God). Being in the presence of Michael provides people great comfort. A layer of unexpected peace lies while being in the presence of Michael. The Archangel plays an important role when people are in need against spiritual enemies. There are several prayers by which we can ask for the help of Saint Michael in our daily lives. Heka Statue has preserved the spirituality of the Archangel by crafting his statues to perfection. Please select the most beautiful piece from our collection to make your house safer and beautiful.