A brief introduction to the exciting collection of Virgin Mary Statues

The Blessed Virgin Mary has a deep place in the hearts of those who believe in the miracle of the Virgin Mary. At Heka Statue, our very own exclusive collection of Virgin Mary Statues reaches out to the soul of our customers with their exquisite design and elegant finish. Since the beginning, Heka Statue has offered a variety of sculptures and statuettes. However, the Virgin Mary Statue collection stands out!

Every single sculpture is handmade to perfection. Keeping in mind the modern decor and delicacy of the blessing, every part of the Statue is crafted with visual pleasure. Some of the masterpieces among these beautiful sculptures include Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, and many more. Ensuring the sanctuary of these sacred statues is the priority at Heka Statue.

Among the different obligations of a decent Christian, the reverence of the Virgin Mary is the one which, most importantly, offers voice to a need. It fulfills the inherent deficiency in the core of each person. At any time and location, to have the option to go to a kind and vastly caring presence, regardless of it being a basic Virgin Mary sculpture, connects with her tolerant hands to get the spirit providing them harmony and absolution. Being aware of this need, every church encourages the adoration of Mary in any way possible. For this purpose, we have made the lives of our customers easy by offering them a variety of Virgin Mary Statues. Every Statue has its place. The statues serve as decorative sculptures, which fulfill the adoration purpose and provide your place with an eye-catching look.

In terms of materials and color schemes, these Virgin Mary Sculptures blend the finest resin, ceramic, and enamel, making them one of a kind. The sculpture can be utilized as an enhancing piece or can be displayed on a table. The beauty lies in the fact that the design of the Virgin Mary may not be completely conspicuous, yet it is evident when you closely inspect it. The piece is well crafted and stands out from any remaining styles you may have seen of similar merit. Although the colors, white and blue, show peace and prosperity, you have various tones to choose from. Get the most attractive piece that perfectly fits your room design and not only fits but becomes the area's highlight! Let everyone be amazed at the beauty you bought from Heka Statues.

For more details on our exquisite collection of Virgin Mary, browse through our website to choose the best fit for yourself. Portray loved Mother Mary, who suffered immense pain and demonstrated ultimate sacrifice through the simplest of procedures. Choose from a variety of sizes according to your needs. 

Create a uniquely spiritual place with our Virgin Mary Garden Statue

Garden decor offers an incredible escape and gives peace of mind from a tedious lifestyle. Our Virgin Mary Statue utilized as decors for your garden provides a sense of positivity in your mind. Adorning your yard with the Virgin Mary Garden sculpture will give you a natural feel. Creating a sort of spiritual sense which satiates a genuine earthy sensation. With the utilization of the yard through Our Madonna Garden Statue, owners can flaunt their innovativeness and add uniqueness to the green spaces. When you decorate the green spaces in your backyard, you enhance the beauty of your lawn and enchant the living areas with a mystic look. Our Madonna Garden Statue will perfectly blend with the color scheme of your garden. Become a lawn lover to create an attractive-looking garden with Our unique Virgin Mary Garden statues.

The high-quality resin, along with a mixture of copper and bronze, makes the sculptures durable. They are designed in a way to withstand all the harsh weather conditions. The best part is that the shine does not fade away! You may wonder whether the harsh rays of sunlight will affect the colors? Virgin Mary Garden statues are fabricated in a way that makes them last for a long time. Keep the sanctity of the miracle through the simple act of placing a statue in your backyard. This enlightens your garden. The Virgin Mary Garden statue's handcrafted designs alleviate your spirits and bring a relaxing invitation for the guests.

Enlighten your home with our Lady of Fatima statue

Homestyle communicates how you feel and live. The way your house looks is a true representation of the aura and frame of mind of you and your family. A very much embellished home can viably reassure you and dispose of the daily stress. Most of the time you spend in your home is in your living room or bedroom. Our Lady of Fatima Statue provides an eye-catching look to your living room. Well-decorated homes are an indication of how much you care for your living space. Lady of Fatima's sculptor brings attention to detail to your rooms.

That being said, devoting time to personalizing your space helps make your place cozy and nice for yourself and the guests and makes them feel at home. The unique design and exquisite finish of the Virgin Mary statue help design your rooms in any way you want. The set is offered in the Virgin Mary Statue Collection by Heka Statue, and the set can be placed around your house to lighten the atmosphere around. Choose from the variety of statues available under the name of Our Lady of Fatima. Decide what color goes with your interior, and let the magic of that statue shine upon your rooms. The sculptures portray the pain and sufferings of Lady of Fatima through the fine and detailed finish. Handcrafted statues with a mixture of resin and ceramic symbolize the importance of Lady Fatima.

Celebrate the feast with ourImmaculate Heart of Mary statue

Make the most out of the annual religious celebration with our Immaculate Heart of Mary Statue! This piece of perfection perfectly commemorates the sorrows and joys of the mother of God, her love for God, and her blessed Son. Not only this, but the sculpture truly portrays her virtues and perfection. Immaculate Heart of Mary Statue is a great addition to your collection of sculptures while celebrating the feast day with the right virtues. Heka Statue has placed this magnificent work of art under the Virgin Mary collections. For visual content, do check our Virgin Mary statue collection.

This Immaculate Heart of Mary Statue is crafted by hand with a mixture of ceramic and enamel to the level of magnificence. Feast day is celebrated to honor the Virginal love of Mother Mary for God, the father. Make this occasion more lit with the perfect sculpture to make your room more ornamental. Your guests with a simple but meaningful gesture of placing this Statue from Heka Statues near a table or some plants where there is ample light to shine upon the greatness of the Immaculate Heart of Mary statue. The dimensions of this sculpture are not that big, nor it is they small. It is the ideal size to display beauty while being composed and compact at the same time. The fine finish of the Statue can be viewed from a distance as the colors bring the best out of the sculpture.

What is the symbolism of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

Many of us have seen the picture of Immaculate Heart of Mary but do we all know what it means? Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary goes way back to the 17th century when it all spread. The main motive of this sculpture is the adoration of the interior life of the Virgin Mary, her undivided love for God, and her divine Son. Along with this, it also portrays her delights and miseries, her righteousness and excellence.

In this Statue, Mary's heart is noticeable outside of her body. This focuses on her undying affection for all humanity. It symbolizes her affection, such as it is to the extent that she cannot contain it inside. A few craftsmen put forward some ideas- portraying the Blessed Virgin carrying her heart in her grasp, or just pointing with a finger to her heart or with some blood trickling from it. These signals indicate that Mary needs to give her heart to the contemplator.Furthermore, her heart is portrayed as it is on fire which beautifully emphasizes the intensity of her love.

The white roses which encircle her heart show the purity of her heart, brought about by her Immaculate conception, displaying the purest heart to exist. In some cases, her heart is shown with lilies which also have the same meaning. The Immaculate Heart of Mary has another aspect where it is portrayed to be pierced by a sword. A solitary blade is at times added going through her heart, alluding to the section of Luke ("a sword will pierce… ") and infers the distresses she suffered during her lifetime, particularly during the execution.

Bless your place withOur Lady of Guadalupe Statue

Bring an artistic look to your furniture and make the most out of them with the Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue. Sculptures can make your place shine with an elegant look. Contemporary statues instill a vogue atmosphere. Our Lady of Guadalupe is one such example of a statue that brings meaning to the blessings bestowed upon Lady of Guadalupe by God. Fine handcrafted Statue with a blend of resin can lighten your place up. You can choose from various colors from Our Lady of Guadalupe's collection under the Virgin Mary Statues collection. Select the best color to match your house interior design and let your place be blessed with this Statue.

Collection at Heka Statue is limited to indoor sculptures, but various outdoor statues of Our Lady of Guadalupe are solely made for your garden decoration. Extraordinary artistry can be rare, as any individual who has endeavored to fill their home with exquisite stuff knows. Yet, a room is frequently not complete until an eye-catching piece discovers its direction inside. Express your style of living through the simple yet elegant sculptures present under the collection of the Virgin Mary at Heka Statue.

What are the apparitions of the Virgin Mary recognized by the church?

Marian apparitions are the appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who came to earth all the way from heaven. This advent of the Virgin Mary is often linked with some sort of message Our Lady wants to deliver to us. Believing in the apparitions of the Virgin Mary is somehow a part of our faith. Basically, Virgin Mary shows love, peace, and joy we will get from following her divine Son, Jesus Christ. Hence it is important to look unto the approved apparitions of the Virgin Mary by the church. There are a few apparitions declared as having supernatural characters in them.

Many apparitions came along the timeline, but some were considered. These include Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Madonna, Our Lady of the Golden Heart, Our Lady of Lourdes, and many more. The most well-known apparition among the faithful and secular world is Our Lady of Guadalupe. This apparition came down in the sixteenth century to a widower. Similarly, Our Lady of Fatima is also known all over the world. It appeared to three children in the twentieth century. Heka Statue has preserved the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary by creating her sculptures for people to use for religious purposes. For centuries, the Virgin Mary has appeared to the faithful, asking them to devote their lives to Jesus Christ. Different sources tell a different number of apparitions that came down. However, it is a known fact that many apparitions are still not recorded and approved. 

Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes has a special place in the religion Christianity. In Southern France, one of the most famous apparitions took place in 1858 on February 11. On this day, a poor girl received the privilege to see Our Lady of Lourdes. The girl namely, Bernadette Soubirous, was gathering firewood for household purposes when a vision of the lovely lady appeared. The afraid girl unwillingly told her parents about the appearance of Lady of Lourdes at the grotto. Her parents forbade her to visit the grotto. On February 14, she managed to go to the grotto, where she saw the same Lady again. The third appearance was on February 18, and on this occasion, Lady of Lourdes asked the girl to see her at the grotto for the next two weeks.

That lovely Lady (the girl has no idea that the lady is Blessed Virgin Mary) requested for a chapel to be built at the grotto so that Bernadette can pray for the people who have sinned. The revelation of spring water at the grotto was for Bernadette to drink from it. On inspection, the little girl revealed what she saw. Bernadette explained the appearance of Lady of Lourdes, who was wearing a blue girdle and a white dress with beautiful yellow roses for her feet. Through that unanimous young Lady, Mary renewed and kept on rejuvenating the confidence of millions of individuals. Individuals started to run to Lourdes from different pieces of France and from everywhere in the world. In 1862 Church specialists affirmed the credibility of the spirits and approved the faction of Our Lady of Lourdes for the bishopric. The Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes spread in 1907 and became global.

Lourdes has become a place for people to visit for pilgrimage and healing. Many of these people are the ones who just came based on faith. Church specialists have perceived more than 60 supernatural occurrences, even though there have presumably been some more. This is not unexpected for people who have faith in the apparitions. It is a continuation of Jesus' recuperating miracles—presently performed at the intervention of his mom. Some would say that the more prominent wonders are covered up. Numerous who visit Lourdes get back with re-established faith and preparation to serve God. Some of the people out there still don't believe in Lady of Lourdes. Our Lady didn't show up at Lourdes to contact the hearts of tween young ladies all through the ages. There is, surely, much that addresses the core of the little youngster. Lourdes is a holy place where Virgin Mary showed her existence to the world through a young girl. The main purpose of this was to bring people to the right path and ask them to follow her divine Son, Jesus Christ.

Believing in the apparitions is not an article of faith for Catholics. Believing in it is totally up to them. Despite being a little girl, Bernadette faced a lot of hatred and harassment from the local people. The ones who believed her came to her rescue.

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima holds a high place in the apparitions that have occurred throughout the years. The first time Our Lady of Fatima appeared was back in 1917, on May 13. Three youngsters, namely Francisco, Jacinta, and Lucia, had the pleasure to see Blessed Virgin Mary. As usual, children were tending to their daily work life, taking care of the family sheep, when Virgin Mary appeared in front of them. According to the description provided by the children, Virgin Mary appeared in an all-white dress, standing tall on a bush brighter than the sun and indescribably beautiful. It all happened in the land of Portugal. Children were ordered to pray for world peace at the Rosary. As at that time, World War 1 was underway. Francisco, Jacinta, and Lucia recounted that the Lady told them that she was here with a message from God. She claimed that God would grant peace to the whole world if her request for reparation, prayer, and consecration were heard and followed. Like all the other apparitions, many people believed in the appearance of the Virgin Mary, but some people refused the advent of the blessed mother.

There was a total of six appearances by Our Lady of Fatima. At the end of these apparitions, the woman revealed herself to the children. There were around 70,000 people gathered to see the apparitions at Cova da Iria. When finally, she said that she is the 'Lady of Rosary.' According to CNA, the crowd witnessed the sun moving in a zig-zag pattern. These apparitions revealed three miracles with the children. The first one was a flash of souls that had perished in hell and asking children to pray. The second miracle was warning the children about the second world war that will take place. It will be initiated by Russia, persecuting the church. The third miracle wasn't revealed until the end of the century. The last secret was that the goodwill is martyred, the Holy Father will go through many miseries, nations will be destroyed. This message has been deciphered as a forecast of the 1981 death endeavor on Pope John Paul II, which happened on May 13—that very day that the youngsters said they saw the primary vision.

The importance of Lady of Fatima can be established from the fact that she was there with the message of God. Explaining to us what will take place in the future that no one knows except God. This illustrates the importance of the Virgin Mary that God entrusted her to guide the people to the right path. Our Lady of Fatima asked the people to pray and follow the teachings of her divine Son Jesus Christ, or else the consequences would be adverse. She mentions the perishing of souls into hell who didn't follow the divine teachings. Our Lady of Fatima is calling us to a recharged loyalty to repentance and prayer. The Blessed Mother requests that we do our part and make the obligation to the Five First Saturdays dedication, which include: the gathering of Holy Communion and admission (inside eight days prior or after), to implore fifty years of the Rosary, and to go through fifteen minutes in reflection on the secrets of the Rosary to be presented in compensation for sins and thanklessness against the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The virgin of Guadalupe is another name for Our Lady of Guadalupe, who has a special place in Roman Catholicism. The appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe occurred on December 9, 1531, to a person named Juan Diego. He was a poor Indian previously who got baptized. Juan Diego, aged 57, lived near Mexico City in a small village. Juan was en route to a barrio close by to amass out of appreciation for Our Lady. Juan was almost at the slope of Tepeyac (mountain) when he heard a kind of music. A cluster of clouds appeared in which an Indian lady stood who was dressed like an Aztec princess. This delightful Lady requested that Juan visit the Holy Father in Mexico and request that he fabricate a church where the Lady showed up.

Ultimately, the bishop encouraged Juan to get a clue from the lady. Simultaneously, Juan's uncle fell extremely sick. After this, Juan decided to stop seeing the lady temporarily. However, the lady continued to seek after Juan, promised him that his uncle would get healthy. She gave roses to Juan to pass on to the minister in his cape. On December 12, in the presence of diocesan, Juan Diego opened his tilma and the roses tumbled to the ground. At the same time, the bishop fell on his knees. On the tilma where the roses had appeared, a picture of Mary appeared as she had shown herself at the slope of Tepeyac.

This appearance of Mary to Juan Diego in the form of an Indian woman reminds us that all people are equal in the eyes of God. This holds a special position in the apparitions as God sent down Virgin Mary to the people such as Juan Diego. It shows the affection and love from God's side towards the poor. The Indian women's form is, in fact, one of the different appearances of the Virgin Mary. According to sources, almost 9 million Indians became catholic after this very apparition.

Since that time, numerous individuals in Mexico have loved the Virgin of Guadalupe, as she has become called, and her ubiquity has developed as the centuries progressed. In 1737, many accepted she finished a destructive plague that assaulted Mexico City. That very year, she was declared patroness (a holy person who leads and ensures) of Mexico City. Later she was made patroness of Mexico and portions of present-day Guatemala, California, and El Salvador. Different popes—who fill in as the top of the Roman Catholic Church—have formally perceived her significance for Latin America and even the Philippines in Southeast Asia. Commitment to the Virgin of Guadalupe has now spread to numerous pieces of the world.

Our Lady of Sorrow

The title, Our Lady of Sorrow, is given to the Blessed Mother because of the torment and agony she suffered during her lifetime. This enduring wasn’t restricted to just one event as it involved seven distresses. These seven sorrows of our Blessed Mother incorporated the prediction of Simeon, the trip of the Holy Family into Egypt; the misfortune and finding of the youngster Jesus in the Temple; Mary's gathering of Jesus while heading to Calvary; Mary's remaining at the foot of the cross when our Lord was killed; her holding of Jesus when He was brought down from the cross; and afterward our Lord's burial. The prescience of Simeon portrayed that a sword would pierce our Blessed Mother's heart. These occasions satisfy this prediction as the Virgin Mary's heart models are seen being pierced by seven blades. Virgin Mary endured a ton, yet each new enduring was welcomed with boldness, love, and trust for God, which repeated her fiat, "let it be done unto me as indicated by Thy word."

September is an extraordinary month regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary, as the feast of her nativity is commended on the eighth, precisely nine months after the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, when custom holds that Our Lady was imagined without acquiring the stain of unique sin. She is regarded as Our Lady of Sorrows, the merciful mother grieving for her executed Son and our Redeemer. The Word of God came to us from here, and that message had been nailed to a cross. It is no big surprise that distress penetrated her spirit when her heavenly Son was killed, making her a saint without passing on. The Blessed Mother Virgin Mary sorrows with us as we get smashed under the weight of our sins. She explains to us what we can do to follow her divine Son and the word of God. Explaining to us the dire consequences one might face if the word of God is not obeyed.

There are many ways to pray to Our Lady of Sorrows. The starting prayer can be as follows:

My God, I offer You this Rosary for Your wonder, so I can respect your Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin, so I can share and ruminate upon her anguish. I unassumingly implore you to give me genuine atonement for every one of my sins. Give me intelligence and humility, so I may get every one of the guilty pleasures from this prayer.

Praying to Virgin Mary is not so complicated. One needs to follow the path which Jesus Christ put us on and ask for the forgiveness of God as we work for the betterment of society. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a lesson to all humanity about the pain and sufferings of the Virgin Mary and her Son.

Our Madonna and Child Sculpture

The Exceptional artwork of Madonna and child was first displayed by an Italian artist, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. Michelangelo's portrayal of the Madonna and Child varies essentially from prior portrayals of a similar subject, which would, in general, element a devout Virgin grinning down on a baby held in her arms. Jesus stands upstanding, practically unsupported, just approximately limited by Mary's left hand, and gives off an impression of Jesus Christ getting away from his Blessed Mother. Mary doesn't stick to her child or even glance at him in the interim, yet looks down and away. It is accepted the work was initially expected for a special stepped area piece. Assuming this is along these lines, it would have been shown confronting marginally to one side and peering down.

The word Madonna is derived from the Italian word 'ma donna'or 'my lady.' It is used for our Blessed Mother. This sculpture has had many explanations tied to it. Most importantly, it displays a happy mother holding her playful child. When the works incorporate Jesus, Madonna can be viewed as a full-length figure holding the child who lifts his hand in blessing, frequently towards the watcher. There are different pieces, specially made in the fourteenth century, in which Mary is perched on the ground or a low pad. Past those portrayals, she can likewise be seen situated (not on the ground) holding Jesus such that looks more maternal than formal. One style called "Worshiping Madonna" is of Mary as she bows in commitment to Christ. This organization is commonly displayed on more modest altarpieces with the goal that watchers could have it for their utilization.